"I’ll keep my mouth closed and I’ll breathe through my nose." Finn, The Very Stuffy Nose children's book.

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Treat the Cause… Treat the Airway: The Role of Snoring & Sleep Apnea in Contemporary Preventive Medicine



A good night’s sleep could be the most valuable gift you can give yourself. It could even save your life. Today’s culture dictates exercise and nutrition as the main path to health. Sleep doctor Steven Lamberg, DDS, DABDSM reveals how common and dangerous snoring, sleep apnea and adult sleep problems can be.Medical science is showing that the quality of our sleep might be more important than diet or exercise, yet not enough people are paying attention to how they sleep. Night breathing problems and a lack of sleep cause health problems. Over 170 medical conditions, which include the top 10 leading causes of death, can be caused or worsened by snoring and sleep apnea. These include such common issues as heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, obesity medical problems, acid reflux, insomnia, anxiety, stress and autoimmune.There is a simple way to know if you are at risk for this dangerous condition. The Lamberg Questionnaire, found in the book, uses your medical history to reveal your risk of sleep-related breathing problems like sleep apnea and snoring. If you have one or more of these medical conditions, ask your doctor about testing for sleep apnea and snoring. Get the sleep health facts. You’ll be surprised how great a good night’s sleep can feel, especially knowing you are taking the best care of your health.