"I’ll keep my mouth closed and I’ll breathe through my nose." Finn, The Very Stuffy Nose

Super Breathing + Restorative Sleep = Healthier Life

Buteyko Clinic Method: For fatigue, insomnia, chronic hyperventilation, snoring & sleep apnea



Patrick McKeown is an international breath expert and Oxygen Advantage® founder. He has provided breath training to improve breathing, sleep, anxiety, resilience, concentration and chronic illness since 2002.

Patrick is the founder and Director of Education for Oxygen Advantage®, which teaches functional breathing for resilience and improved sports performance. There are currently more than 3,000 trained Oxygen Advantage® instructors across 50 countries.

To date, Patrick has written ten books about breath training, including ‘The Breathing Cure’and the three Amazon category bestsellers: ‘Close Your Mouth’, ‘Asthma-Free Naturally’, and ‘Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten your Mind’. He also wrote ‘The Oxygen Advantage’ which is considered a foremost source on breathing for exercise performance and is currently translated into sixteen languages.

Patrick’s professional memberships include ‘Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology’ and ‘The Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences’. His work was published in ‘The Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine’.

Patrick’s work has featured on the BBC, USA Today, Ted Talks, the New York Times, the Times(UK), Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Dr Oz Magazine, Mercola and Mind Body Green website. Patrick hosts ‘The Oxygen Advantage® Podcast’ and has featured as a guest on many other podcasts, including Ben Greenfield’s ‘Life’, Dave Asprey’s ‘The Human Upgrade’, ‘Scott Caney