"I’ll keep my mouth closed and I’ll breathe through my nose." Finn, The Very Stuffy Nose children's book.

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Brave Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy Kids Against All Odds in Today’s World



So, you want to know what it will take to assure your child will grow up to become a healthy and happy young adult in today’s world? Dr. Susan Maples, a dentist and passionate pediatric health educator, finally cracks the code on the most critical contemporary elements, and she passionately delivers the recipe: Happy Healthy Child


  • 1 Brave Parent
  • 1 Growing Child
  • Gobs of Evidence-Based Science
  • 36 Years of experience as a health professional and child advocate
  • Generous heaps of humor, transparency and tenderness
  • A dash of willingness to grow in your own health and happiness


1. Read the book, build a plan and brave it out!

2. Share the book, spread the word and join the Brave Parent tribe

3. Help cultivate a local community of Brave Parents to encircle your child

One healthy, happy child at a time.